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Pep is a Catalan illustrator and Graphic Designer born in 1983. From his studio in Barcelona works for different clients around the world.
His powerful style is the trademark of his illustrations, always focused on telling stories and passing on different ideas.

Pep has worked for Clients such as:

La Vanguardia
El País
The Boston Globe
Il Corriere della Sera
Variety Magazine
Oxford University Press
Sàpiens Magazine
SoFoot Magazine
Volata Magazine
Panenka Magazine

Charleston Magazine
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Planeta Ed.
Cavall Fort Magzine
Comanegra Ed.
Edicions 62
Anaya Ed.
Sembra Llibres Ed.
Círculo de Lectores Ed.
Abac Ed.

Yulca Ed.
Diputació de Barcelona
Generalitat de Catalunya
Nueve Ojos
Hipòtesi Ed.
Bromera Ed.
Aristas Martínez Ed.
Cáñamo Magazine
Tria Llibres Ed.

Mondadori Ed.
Penguin Random House Ed.
Usborne Ed.
Cuina Magazine
Descobrir Catalunya Magazine
Spectrum News
Televisió de Catalunya
Fundació Mas i Mas
L’independent de Gràcia